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Tooth Whitening


Whitening is more popular than ever. Patients that always wanted whiter teeth can now have what they want. Some of the most common questions are answered below:

Shade Check  How does it work? Scans of your teeth are taken with the digital scanner (no rubbery goop). 3D printed models are created in the office and then custom whitening trays are fabricated. At the second visit professionally constructed trays are delivered. The Whitening Gel is dispensed and instructions given. You wear the trays to bed for 7-10 nights or 2 hours while awake resting (not talking). Most patients see results the first day! Pre-treatment color is recorded with the patient for later comparison.

How long does it last? Some patients feel a need to do a one or two night touch up after a year or more. Re-treatment is simple and the replacement gel is available through the office. If you smoke, drink coffee or colored fruit juices, you may need re-treatment sooner than patients that don't.

Do Caps and Bonded Fillings Whiten? NO. If you have fillings in the front you may need to have them replaced later for better color match after whitening. Alternate treatments will be reviewed. This is very patient specific.

Is this different from what I see on T.V.? YES. The professionally constructed trays allow very close adaptation to the teeth. The tray is constructed to keep the gel next to the teeth. This keeps the Gel in contact with the tooth for more time, resulting in better, faster treatment. The Gel is a very thick product that does not escape from the tray as easy as some bargain brands. This is how we are able to get great results in less time.

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure that meets the needs of many patients. If you don't like the color of your teeth, you can do something about it.

Does insurance cover whitening? Not usually, but most policies cover extractions!

See the picture in the office of Dr. Blank after he whitened his upper teeth, but not the lowers yet.


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