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For pateints with Sleep Apnea

but unable to use the CPAP machine, there maybe options.


Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances


Dorsal Fin Mandibular Advancement Appliance

The Dorsal Fin appliance is just one of several appliances that Dr. Blank can custom fit to help move your lower jaw forward while you sleep. This brings the tongue forward and helps to open the airway, ending snoring and reducing or eliminating apnea episodes. This can reduce the chance of catastophic medical issues due to low oxygen levels. Time to get a good night of sleep again!  To find out if your situation may be helped with a dental appliance, call 772-878-7348 today.

What Type are you? Oral Apnea appliances work best for Class I, II and III Mallampati types. Ask for more information if you have a CPAP and are still unable to wear it all night long.

Dr. Blank will work with your physician to take all the right steps to help you sleep better. We will work with your medical insurance and have options for unisured patients. Medicare patients accepted. Call 772-878-7348 to find out more.


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