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Headache Treatment!!!

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  • Headaches are often a result of muscle tension in the muscles of the head. It may NOT be near the teeth, but in the temple area, lower jaw, neck or near the ear. Often patients report waking with headaches, or just not feeling well rested in the morning.  Tender, tired, tension, sore are all terms patients use to describe their symptoms.
  • Headaches are consistently  treated with success after a diagnosis is made.
  • Headaches can be treated with OUT long term use of drugs.
  • Diagnosis involves examination of the teeth, the bite and the TM Joints.
  • Not all headaches are from the teeth (only 80-90%)  so a complete dental examination is essential.
  • Not all denitsts treat TM joint problems, ask your dentist if you are having any signs or symptoms.
  • Dr Blank is able to use botulinum toxin (Botox, Xeomin) to reduce or eliminate many headaches.


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     We utilize diagnostic skills including Doppler evaluation of the TM joint, JVA (Joint Vibrational Analysis), X-ray, MRI, Tek-Scan III and more.   Medical doctors do not evaluate teeth and jaw relationships. MD's, DO's, chiropractors, acupuncturists are good sources for treating headaches that are non-dental in origin. They are often quite good at reducing symptoms, if only for a short time. A cure requires treatment of the CAUSE, not the symptom.  It takes a well trained dentist to determine if the teeth are a contributing factor to your headaches!  Treatment has to be based on a specific diagnosis.   It is NOT good enough to be told; "You have TMJ" or "You have Migraines" and then be sent home without care.

Digital Bite Check with the T-Scan

Evaluation and treatment is specific to each patient's situation. Diagnosis can include:

  • JVA - Computer Assisted  Joint Vibrational Analysis with on screen display of your TMJ condition.
  • Computer Assisted Bite Analysis utilizing the Tek Scan III.
  • Doppler Listening to the joint sounds.
  • Transcranial  TMJ  x-ray Films
  • MRI - Imaging

Treatment expectations can be discussed after dental history review and examination. The type of treatment will also be different depending on your diagnosis. Treatment can include:

  • Bite adjustment, also call equilibration to allow all teeth to meet in harmony. .
  • Tooth movement or orthodontics.
  • Splint therapy or bite guards including the FDA approved NTI-TSS appliance. 
  • Reshaping broken or worn teeth with restorations or crowns.
  • Jaw surgery to move mis-aligned segments.
  • The treatment varies with the diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis requires examination.
  • Examination requires a phone call!

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