Stephen G. Blank, DDS

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986



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Here are some pictures of my RV-10 airplane project. The project has recently been sold.


Below:   The factory demo plane in flight.  It is a full size aircraft.  It will seat 4 people when completed and go fast.                  Vans Aircraft Home Page (compare for pricing info)

 RV-10 Factory Demo Plane

Below: The Tail Cone is coming together....The sides are now riveted in place.

Tailcone Started














Below:   The inside of the Tail Cone.

This is the section from just behind the rear seat to the tail.
















Below:   The finished Vertical Fin.

Vertical Stabilizer

Below:  The finished Rudder.


Below:  The finished Horizontal Stabilizer is "flying" from my garage ceiling.

The Horizontal Stabilizer Flying from my Garage Ceiling

Thats all for now.  Check Back.



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